Golden Wheat pastries

and desserts are made fresh every morning

from premium quality ingredients. We put the same care and quality into our bakery bakery items as we do into our delicious breads and our wedding cakes.

All our fresh baked breads are of the highest quality, and

a reflection of the care and experience our dedicated bakers

bring to the art of bread making.

Come in and taste

for yourself!


At Golden Wheat,

we will bake and decorate your wedding cake to

your specifications.

We want to help make your wedding day the most memorable day ever and create just

the cake you are looking for!


Golden Wheat Bakery Café (Rogers)


579 Rogers Road Toronto

416 - 654 - 2867


Business Hours:

Open 7 days a week

Monday to Saturday 4.30 am  - 10.30 pm

Sunday 6 am - 10.30 pm



Golden Wheat Bakery (College)


652 College St. Toronto

416 - 534 - 1107


Business Hours:

Open 7 days a week

Monday to Wednsday  5 am - 11 pm

Thursday  5 am - 12 pm

Friday and Saturdy  5 am - 1 am

Sunday 6 am - 12 pm